Change Your Thinking Lose Your Weight Programme

A conscious approach to weight loss is just incomplete.

Are you frustrated with your attempts to lose weight? Are you tired of criticizing yourself for being overweight?

Learn how to take control today!

Most of the challenges we face in life are usually rooted in deep internal factors rather than that what meets the eye, and weight-gain is no different.

In this powerful, conscious approach to weight loss, you will learn

  • The vital questions to ask yourself when you assess your eating habits.
  • The effective mental skills required for success with weight loss & being fit.
  • The emotional and spiritual diet you need for achieving the healthy body you desire.
  • How to create a unique food and exercise plan to fit your lifestyle.
  • Achieving true wellness through a balanced health regime for mind-body and spirit.

There are countless diets and weight-loss programs out there that promise quick and easy results. Maybe a certain diet has helped you lose weight within weeks, but the moment you slacken or give in to temptation, the unwanted weight comes rolling back like a nightmare!

So here’s the thing: as long as we are trying to cut that extra flab just by looking at outward factors, it is going to be a long and tiring battle that is bound to be doomed. We can fight those sugar cravings as much as we want or skip that favourite burger joint every time we cross it, those extra kilos will tend to return just as quickly as they were shed.

What we need is a conscious approach to weight-loss that works at the root cause and brings lasting, sustainable change.

Losing weight is just as easy as getting rid of an unwanted thought. You just need to look in the right direction.