Deservability Programme

Has it ever happened that you wanted something desperately and just when it finally came to you, you felt too scared to accept it? Ever wondered where these feelings of doubt and fear came from?

Our feelings don’t just arise from nowhere. They come from our core beliefs about ourselves; and these beliefs significantly impact the life choices we make.


The workshop would help you learn

  • How your beliefs about your worthiness significantly affect your life choices and life direction.
  • How to drop limiting beliefs and enjoy the life you deserve.
  • How to create a life that is always working out for you and not against you.

Much of the inner-work that we undergo is not about becoming who we are, but about unbecoming that which we are not. At our core, we are pure soul that only knows joy, forgiveness, love and compassion. And the soul knows that it is whole, beautiful and deserving of abundance just as it is. It is our mind that makes us believe that we need to become something to deserve happiness in life, thus, it leads to doubts and fears. My deservability programme helps you to release all of these negative thought patterns and beliefs enforced by your mind, so that you can live the life you were born to live. Claim what you deserve! And you deserve nothing but the best!