Forgive, Let Go & Set Yourself Free Programme

“Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

Being in a state of blame, anger or hurt is the surest way to create poison in our lives. How often do we find ourselves holding on to hurt of the past?

How often do we find ourselves hating someone for being horrible to us?

How often do we feel anger surfacing within our chest when we recall the memory of someone who wronged us?

The principles we would be working on are

  • Nurturing the willingness to let go.
  • Learning how forgiveness towards self and others releases us from suffering.
  • Learning different techniques to forgive.
  • Controlling our mind and transforming our thoughts for more peace and happiness in our life.
  • Practicing GRATITUDE to create MIRACLES in our lives.

The Heal Your Life Workshop, is designed to help you release all toxic emotions from your system, so that you can set yourself free from the shackles of pain, resentment and guilt and view your negative past encounters as positive learning experiences.