How to be Happy & not Anxious?

With all negative news flooding our lives since the outbreak of pandemic, it is natural to feel anxious and stress about the health of ourselves and our families. With cure still not in picture, the fear of losing our loved ones due to the virus still persists in the hearts of many. Not to forget, some of us losing our jobs during such challenging times have added to our stress.

Four practical ways to overcome this mental challenge:

Acknowledge: Rather than ignoring your emotions, acknowledge them and understand what you are feeling. This is the time to acknowledge your thoughts about your worry, panic, stress and anxiety. Once you acknowledge these, then it is easy to take the required action.

Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones: As negative thoughts make us more anxious and stressed, it is vital to replace negativity with positivity. This takes time but consistently changing our thoughts will lead to positive thinking.

Positive Affirmations: Positive Affirmations are positive statements, in the present tense, of outcomes we desire in our lives and are to be repeated. To achieve our goals and to give them positive energy, I would recommend setting intention of the day with positive affirmations. 

Self-care & utilize your Time Productively: Self-care plays an important role in letting go of our worries. Calm your mind by fruitfully utilizing your time on rebooting or upgrading yourself. Devote time to your hobbies, exercising, meditation, enroll for online courses and research about anything that interests you.

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