Say Yes To Yourself - Set Healthy Boundaries Programme

When we lack in raising healthy boundaries for our own wellbeing; it only leaves us feeling depleted and frustrated.

Think for a moment- have you ever felt that people take too much of your time and energy sometimes? Or that you find it hard to say “no” to people even when you want to, for you’re scared of annoying them? My friend, this is where the role of healthy boundaries in relationships comes in.

In this workshop on setting healthy boundaries, we would be working on

  • Viewing setting boundaries as an act of self-love and not selfishness.
  • Learning to establish physical, emotional, mental and sexual boundaries suitable for our wellbeing.
  • Learning to take control of our lives by setting the right boundaries.
  • Learning to say “no” without guilt and expressing our needs with love.

All too often, we tend to get carried away by our emotions, neglecting this very important ingredient for having harmonious relationships. But then, you may say, shouldn’t we all be emotionally available in relationships? Well, by all means, we should be; however when we find our own emotional wellbeing getting compromised, we know that we are bending over backwards.

When people maintain positive boundaries in their relationships, romantic relationships included, they feel more respected and valued. Having healthy boundaries means taking each other’s feelings into account, respecting each other’s space and personal needs, agreeing to disagree when you don’t see something eye to eye. This does not mean that you have become self-centered or that there is no real intimacy in a relationship. Rather, it is one of the greatest ways of respecting the person’s individuality.