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Ms. Ruchika Kaur AVP Customer Support, Realistic Realtors

The sessions are amazing and have helped me in a number of ways on personal front. Power of a positive mind, creating life experiences for your highest good, forgiving people for your own good and setting yourself free are few golden learnings I gained from workshops. The guided meditation provides you so much of insight about your own self. Highly recommend it.

Mr. Parminder Singh Chief Information Officer-India, Guardian Life Insurance Company

This is a very different training session. We, as corporate executives, always focus on learning skills and new concepts regarding our products, processes, or people. This training is about me and myself with all my titles & responsibilities left outside the door. The only focus is on how, as an individual, I can better my whole life by being conscious of my thoughts. Enjoyed this session, especially the Power Shower part wherein we attract blessings for ourselves. Thank you Ms. Aman for this wonderful programme.

Ms. Sheen John

It has been my pleasure to attend the sessions and have experience changes these have brought in me. I have realized how powerful our thoughts and words are for our overall well-being and we need to nourish our mind with good and positive thoughts. I feel now I am better equipped to face the challenges of life without being anxious.

Ms. Alka Vyas Managing Director, Deloitte & Touche

Aman Hora is an amazing coach who helped me understand the power of self-love, and forgiveness. She provided me with tools and techniques to become aware of my thoughts, so I could recognize those that were not serving me. Through this process, she has helped me live a more conscious and loving life—I begin my mornings with positive affirmations and intentions for the day that help me align with my goals and values. This is a beautiful process of self -discovery. I would recommend her sessions to anyone who is interested in learning how to live their best personal and professional life!